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Looking for equity release deals which can maximize the lump sum amount or the monthly income amount? Wanting to get access to equity release deals which can help you take your retail equity release business to a whole new level? Requiring advice and assistance with regards to equity release schemes and packages? You are right where you should be then! We, at the Life Insurance Clearance House, cater to all such needs of retail equity release providers. We work hard to create equity release deals, packages and plans which would appeal to consumers and users of retail equity release providers so that YOUR business flourishes! 

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Fantastic Deals

You would get access to the most impressive equity release deals on the market if you will opt to work with us. You won’t get access to the kind of deals that we can give you access to. Let’s join hands to provide quality release deals to the end-user!


Excellent Customer Support

Even though as equity release wholesalers, our only job is to provide you, the retailer, our equity release deals. However, we go well beyond our call of duty and ensure that the deals we are offering are suitable for your consumers. We would never leave you alone!


Reliability Guaranteed!

We are here to stay so you won’t find us leaving the wholesale market at any stage. Our desire to leave a mark in the industry is what makes us so reliable. We would never dupe you because we don’t want to go away!


No Deal. No Fee.

We won’t ask you for any charges in case you won’t be able to strike a deal with us for any reason. Even though this would never happen but even if it does, we aren’t going to charge you anything for all our consultations!

Our Equity Release Partners

There are a number of excellent equity release companies in the UK. However, there are four companies that dominate the market. These are the companies that we resell for. These companies are:



Aviva offers a large number of equity release deals. Aviva offers Lifestyle Lumpsum Max and Lifestyle Flexible Option with the first one offering a lump sum amount and the other offering a monthly income.



Stonehaven is another equity release juggernaut in the UK. The company offers different deals under two main product heads. The two main products are Lump Sum Options and Interest Select Options.


Just Retirement

Just Retirement is another well-known equity release company in the UK. The company offers two equity release deals with one being the Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage and the other being Lump Sum Plus Mortgage.


LV (Liverpool Victoria)

LV is another established equity release provider in UK. It provides various equity release options with the two major products being Lifetime Mortgage-lump sum and Flexible Lifetime mortgage.


Hear from our clients about the high levels of personal service and the peace of mind they have achieved with our service.

As a small equity release advisor and retailer, it is important that we find the best deals to offer back to our clients. Thanks to Life Insurance Clearance House, we get the best deals and can pass them on to our clients.
By By Deborah D. Spears
Spearhead ER and IFA

I would definitely recommend Life Insurance Clearance House to any retailer looking to bring the best equity release schemes to end users. Not only do they keep you up to date with all of the recent deals but they also provide you with a platform compare and contrast deals. 
By Douglas L. Peoples

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